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Welcome to Superior Insurance Services, Inc., your trusted classic car insurance provider in Texas. We are committed to safeguarding your classic car's value and your investment in it. To discuss your classic car insurance needs, reach out to us at 972-325-2244.
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The Need for Classic Car Insurance

Owning a classic car is owning a slice of history. At Superior Insurance Services, Inc., we understand that classic cars come with unique risks and require more than regular auto insurance. That's why we offer comprehensive classic car insurance tailored to meet your specific needs.

Types of Classic Car Insurance Claims Covered by Superior Insurance Services, Inc.

Protection from theft and vandalism, ensuring your classic car's safety

Fire and natural disaster damage coverage to protect your vintage vehicle

Collision damage repair coverage, regardless of fault


For further details on classic car insurance coverage, contact us at 972-325-2244.

Benefits of Choosing Superior Insurance Services, Inc. for Classic Car Insurance

At Superior Insurance Services, Inc., we offer more than basic classic car insurance. Enjoy additional benefits like agreed value coverage, flexible usage, roadside assistance, and more. To explore our unique classic car insurance policies, get in touch at 972-325-2244.

Getting Your Classic Car Insurance Quote

Ready to secure comprehensive protection for your prized classic car? Start the process with our online quote request form and let us provide the perfect classic car insurance coverage to suit your needs.